joie de livre is a conceptual bookstore Jamie Tru, Nolan Hill, and I designed a Graphics Standards Manuel for.  Using typographic elements only, we created a brand that represents our take on an upscale coffee table book bookstore concept.

Project Title: joie de livre     Role: Visual Designer,     Project Nature: Graphic Design, Logo Design     Timeline: 2017  1 Months    Platform: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Logo Remix Pink.png
Logo Remix Blue.png
Logo Remix Yellow.png
final stylesheet.png
final stylesheet3.png
final stylesheet5.png
final stylesheet6.png
final stylesheet7.png
final stylesheet8.png
final stylesheet9.png
final stylesheet11.png
final stylesheet13.png
final stylesheet12.png
final stylesheet15.png
final stylesheet17.png
final stylesheet18.png
final stylesheet20.png
final stylesheet21.png
Living room Rug .png
Joie Couch copy.png